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Ms. Tal Ron, US Attorney and Notary Public

Judge's Table
Contract Review

American Notary Services

Do you require the services of an American Notary Public?
Why call, chase and wait for the U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem?

Why stand in line with the masses at the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv?

Bring your documents to an independent licensed American Notary Public.
As a licensed American Notary Public, I offer friendly,

efficient and timely service- even for your most urgent notarizing needs.

​Contact me for an immediate appointment; no advance planning required. I will accommodate urgent notarizing and provide stamps, signatures on the spot. After our short meeting, you will walk away with completely notarized documents.
No embassy or consul can compete with fast, professional,

thorough service WITH A SMILE :-)

American Notary Public notarization services available now,

one phone call away!

Corporate / Business Development

    Business development strategies

    Business plans
    Document review and editing
    Corporate English translation
​    Drafting correspondences, marketing and sales materials
    Website review
    Market research
    Writing professional articles

Signing a Contract

I offer friendly, efficient, and professional notarization services. As an experienced attorney, I can review your various documents, translate from English to Hebrew or vice versa, and of course notarize your documents.

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