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Ms. Tal Ron, US Attorney and Notary Public


I’m an Israeli American who grew up in the USA and made Aliyah to Israel after two higher education degrees and work experience in the USA.

I speak fluent English and Hebrew and am knowledgeable about many aspects of the law in both countries. When I’m unsure about something, I ask!

I received by BA degree from the prestigious Eliot School of International Affairs at the George Washington University in Washington DC. There, I studied International Affairs, with a focus on sociocultural anthropology, and I graduated at the top 2% of the University.

Upon graduation in 2004, I immediately went on to study law, and received my Juris Doctorate (JD) degree in Law from Boston University Law School in 2007. I was then admitted to the Massachusetts (MA) Bar and later on received my notary public license. I am an attorney in good standing and my license are renewed. I also have a MA Realtor’s license.

I work in the USA and in Israel. Since 2007, I have worked as a general counsel to a real-estate company in the USA, in 2 law firms in Israel, and in Israel’s leading patents and trademarks company. I then chose to take an independent path which allows me to pursue various professional interests- corporate law, contracts, business development, writing, etc. I have taken proper legal as well as mixed legal and business roles, which enable me to use many of my skills such as writing, analytical abilities, analysis, and even people skills.

My work focuses on real estate and other corporate law, and I am experienced ion drafting various agreements (sales, lease, individual, corporate, founders, etc.). I advise business people and companies working abroad or with in Israel with international entities. I also advise start-ups and other companies and assist them with corporate documents, company portfolios, presentations, marketing materials, website content, etc.

I also founded, along my two partners- a chief scientist and a fellow entrepreneur- a company, Restoral Plus - which offers three oral health products: Splash for dry mouth, Xpire for oral cuts and blisters, and Melio for cold sores. We sell our products on amazon (Splash - Oral HydratorXPIRE- 6 Tablets in one Pack )

and hope to revolutionize the fields of dry mouth, cold sores and oral cuts and lesions.  

In addition to the above work, I completed my English teaching degree in 2019. I received a full scholarship from the Ministry of Education to obtain a teaching diploma in order to help fill in the voids in the Israeli public school system and fill the dire needs for good English teachers. I am currently teaching English at a public school in Tel Aviv, and received my teaching license in 2020. Despite the low pay, I see it my mission to give back to the community, especially when I can offer to share my language skills with the next generation!

I also offer private lessons in conversational English, test-prep, and school-level English for various ages. I teach in-person and on zoom, and have a diverse group of students.

I also offer lectures to groups and companies about various English, legal, and writing / communication topics. I have conducted lectures for small as well as 100-plus person groups. My audience is legal, finance and other departments of  mega-corporations as well as small companies and groups. Each lecture is custom-made for the client and thus covers only what is relevant to them. I also conduct pre-lecture conferences with a sample of the target audience (for example, team members of a company's department) to learn what is most helpful for them, thereby further fine-tuning my lectures to make them the most effective and beneficial for each client. 

Contact me to learn more about my lectures.

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